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Unaccompanied Children Policy

At Ile Oro, the safety and well-being of all participants, including children, are of utmost importance. To ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for everyone, we have implemented the following policy regarding unaccompanied children:

  1. Parental or Guardian Accompaniment: Unaccompanied children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian throughout the duration of the event. This policy helps to ensure the safety and supervision of children while participating in activities and accessing event amenities.

  2. Check-In Procedure: Parents or guardians are required to check their children in at the designated registration area upon arrival at the event venue. At check-in, children will be provided with wristbands that grant access to event activities, games, food, and entertainment.

  3. Wristband Access: Children must wear their assigned wristbands at all times during the event. These wristbands serve as identification and authorization for accessing designated areas and participating in activities. Parents and guardians are responsible for ensuring that their children keep their wristbands secure and visible throughout the event.

  4. Adult Waiting Lounge: For the convenience and comfort of parents and guardians (where available), an adult waiting lounge will be available onsite. This lounge offers a designated space where adults can relax and wait while their children enjoy the event under supervision.

  5. Supervision Responsibility: While every effort is made to provide a safe and supervised environment, parents and guardians are ultimately responsible for the behavior and well-being of their children during the event. It is important for adults to remain vigilant and attentive to their children's whereabouts and activities at all times.

  6. Event Staff Assistance: Event staff and volunteers are available to assist parents, guardians, and children as needed. If parents require assistance or have any concerns regarding their children's participation in the event, they are encouraged to seek support from event personnel.


By adhering to this policy, we aim to create a secure and family-friendly environment where children can enjoy the festivities under appropriate supervision, and parents can feel confident about their children's safety and well-being. Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to ensuring a positive experience for all attendees.

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