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Introduction to Ifa and Divination

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"Introduction to Ifa and Divination" offers a captivating exploration into the ancient and revered practice of Ifa divination within the context of Yoruba culture. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of Ifa divination, focusing on its rituals, symbols, and profound significance in the lives of the Yoruba people. Through engaging lectures, discussions, and interactive learning experiences, participants will uncover the deep-rooted wisdom embedded within Ifa divination and its role in guiding individuals through life's complexities. Central to the course is the exploration of Orunmila, the deity of wisdom and divination, whose teachings serve as the cornerstone of Ifa practice. Whether you are a novice seeking to understand the fundamentals of Ifa or a seasoned practitioner looking to deepen your knowledge, this course offers a rich and enlightening journey into the mystical world of Ifa divination and its cultural importance within the Yoruba tradition.

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Empowerment Through Yorùbá Wisdom

Empowerment Through Yorùbá Wisdom

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