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Receiving Elegba

Elegba is the first orisha that must be propitiated and received by a devotee as he is the deity in charge of all things that we do as humans. He reports back to Orun (Heaven) on our character here on Earth. Elegba opens and closes doors to a devotee's blessings as he feels necessary because he has the ability and the authority to twist fate making their life more enjoyable for the devotee if they live according to iwa pele (good character) and by giving offerings to the ancestors and orisha. ELegba ensures that offerings to other deities never go undelivered in his role as messenger to Orun. Elegba is usually received with the orishas Ogun, Oshosi, and Osun, making up the divine pact of warriors. Elegba provides us with guidance so that we know how to navigate life. Ogun clears the path of obstacles as we search for blessings, Oshosi gives us direction towards what is that we want in life. And Osun keeps a lookout for negativity letting us know when there is a danger.

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