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Receiving an orisha

Each orisha worshipped in the tradition is different and may have different rituals details. For example, the warriors, which includes Elegba (earthly trickster and gatekeeper of Orun), Ogun (patron deity of iron and of blacksmiths), Oshosi (deity of the hunt and patron of the prosecuted), and Osun (guardian deity of destiny and the protector of Ori), are the first orishas that must be received by a devotee. When a devotee has to receive an orisha prior to more complex ceremonies, such as the ordination ceremony into the priesthood, it may be the first time that they were able to participate in a ceremony such as this. This is important to the devotee and their spiritual path for whatever reason indicated by divination and is a necessary step for the devotee to take in order to practice the tradition according to their destiny. Rituals serve the purpose of the devotee being able to harness the power of ashe to embody the presence of the orisha through sacred objects that are later transported to the devotee's home to have that very same energy of the orisha in their personal dwelling. The devotee is instructed on preparing a ritual space for that orisha in addition to being guided on how to care for and tend to that orisha. This is another gift that we have as devotees in this tradition; the ability to worship the orisha at any time wherever we are.

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