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Orisa worship

There are a series of orishas that are worshipped by all devotees in the tradition, and devotees are taught the fundamentals of this worship. In terms of orisha worship in a devotee's daily life, they are taught how to care for an oju orisha (orisha shrine) that may have to be received. Orisha worship is simple and yet complex as a great deal of attention is placed on a devotee being able to develop what is known as iwa pele (good character) and includes developing both the personal self and spiritual self, all while doing good works in the community. The focus of orisha worship is to help devotees spend their lifetimes perfecting themselves and making good decisions in their lives. At Ile Oro, there is a great significance for our ile members to come together to honor the orisha on their feast days as well as days for celebration and thanksgiving. Baba believes that our spiritual family grows stronger when devotees come together for the sole purpose of prayer and giving honor to the orisha. The Ile has community events accompanied by prayer, ceremonial offerings, drumming, singing, and dance to honor the orisha. Ile activities are usually open to the public at events such as these benefit all attendees in witness. Even though this is the case, rituals and ceremonies are not open to the public as they are only performed by ordained initiates, including ile descendants and devotees within the community that is invited to attend as witnesses. The tradition is one of respect and discipline, which is acquired through spiritual development, apprenticeship within the ile, and having Iwa Pele. Worship of the orisha teaches us humility, compassion, and being of service to the spiritual family and community.

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