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Ori rituals

Ori is an orisha known to be more effectual than any other as it is attuned and more concerned with one's personal and individual problems. There are rituals to Ori that offer aid in preventing the negative effects of mental and physical pressures.Ori rituals are for promoting favorable circumstances in regards health and wellbeing, and others that ward of negative energy caused by black magic. Ultimately, the purpose of these rituals is to put a devotee back on their path when their destiny has been altered due to whatever the circumstances may be. Since destiny is destiny, these ritual acts are only preventive medicine because destiny cannot be altered. A devotee's success or failure depends on their care and attention to their own Ori. For example, ebori (sacrifice to Ori) and the consecration of Igba Ori (shrine of Ori) are two rituals that are used to placate and nourish Ori. These rituals also act as means for refreshing the devotee's head so that it has the ashe needed to achieve spiritual development and overcome obstacles in life. Ori is assisted in producing positive or favorable outcomes in a devotee's life through the devotee's efforts of tending to Ori and by giving to its frequent offerings. Devotees give offerings to Ori when they petition to it when they want to recognize it for a blessing acquired, or to simply offer something to it in order to keep it present and vibrant. There are offerings to promote courage and wisdom, others for conquering obstacles and enemies, as well as those that are used to rescue a person from sickness or death. Working with and placating Ori is very important in the tradition. Devotees seek Ori's assistance when making major and important decisions as it is in their best interest that the decision is the best one. More importantly, we always seek the blessings of Ori as it knows the true destiny of the devotee. Devotees have the amazing ability to tap into ashe by tending to their Ori and asking for its guidance. This ability is one of the greatest gifts we have to ensure the possibility of living an enjoyable life with limited or few hardships.

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