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Oju Mẹta: Unveiling the Third Eye Center

In the profound tapestry of Yorùbá spirituality, the Oju Mẹta—meaning "third eye center" in the Yorùbá language—occupies a sacred and revered position. Nestled between the eyebrows, the Oju Mẹta transcends its physical manifestation to become a spiritual focal point imbued with divine energy and symbolic resonance. This article embarks on an exploration of the essence of the Oju Mẹta, delving into its associations with intuition, insight, and spiritual vision within the rich tapestry of Yorùbá cosmology.

The Essence of Oju Mẹta:

The Oju Mẹta is revered as the seat of intuition, insight, and spiritual vision within the human body—a sacred gateway that opens the door to inner wisdom, psychic abilities, and the perception of higher truths. It transcends the limitations of the physical senses to access the realm of the unseen, allowing individuals to tap into the infinite reservoir of divine knowledge and spiritual insight. In Yorùbá spirituality, the Oju Mẹta is regarded as a source of illumination, enlightenment, and the capacity to perceive the hidden dimensions of existence.

Associations and Attributes:

The Oju Mẹta is intricately associated with a myriad of qualities and attributes that reflect its profound significance within Yorùbá cosmology. Among these associations are:

  • Intuition: The Oju Mẹta is regarded as the seat of intuition—an inner knowing that transcends rational thought and logical reasoning. It governs the capacity to perceive subtle energies, discern the truth of a situation, and navigate the complexities of life with clarity and insight. Through the activation of the Oju Mẹta, individuals can cultivate a deeper connection to their intuition and trust the wisdom of their inner guidance.

  • Insight: In Yorùbá tradition, the state of the Oju Mẹta is intimately linked to insight and spiritual vision. A balanced and activated Oju Mẹta is characterized by the ability to see beyond the surface of reality and perceive the underlying patterns, meanings, and truths that govern the universe. It serves as a conduit for spiritual revelation, mystical experiences, and the direct apprehension of divine wisdom.

  • Spiritual Vision: The Oju Mẹta is believed to be the eye of the soul—the window through which individuals can glimpse the mysteries of the cosmos and commune with the divine. It governs the capacity to perceive higher realities, commune with spiritual beings, and access the akashic records—the collective repository of cosmic knowledge and wisdom.

Cultivating the Oju Mẹta:

In Yorùbá spiritual practice, the cultivation of the Oju Mẹta is central to the journey of self-discovery and spiritual evolution. Through meditation, visualization, and inner exploration, practitioners seek to activate and balance the Oju Mẹta, fostering qualities of intuition, insight, and spiritual vision. Practices such as third eye meditation, dreamwork, and energy healing are employed to awaken the latent potential of the Oju Mẹta, allowing individuals to access higher states of consciousness and perceive the hidden mysteries of existence.


The Oju Mẹta stands as a sacred portal to the realm of intuition, insight, and spiritual vision in the landscape of Yorùbá spirituality, guiding souls on a journey of inner illumination, enlightenment, and transcendence. As we honor and cultivate the Oju Mẹta, we embrace the radiant essence of our being—the source of intuitive wisdom, mystical insight, and the direct perception of divine truth. Through the awakening of the Oju Mẹta, we reclaim our spiritual vision and commune with the mysteries of the cosmos, embodying the timeless wisdom of Yorùbá cosmology and the boundless potential of the human spirit.


Alaje Fadesiye

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