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Getting a divination

At Ile Oro, divination is primarily performed with cowrie shells and rely on Ifa centric literary corpus, known as pataki based on odu (patterns), which are used to reference all situations and circumstances an individual faces throughout their entire lifetime. Divination is at the center of a devotee's practice in the tradition and determines the course of actions a devotee should take with their spiritual and/or personal life. In addition, divination reveals whether a devotee is in a good or bad standing in life and what is required to achieve or sustain blessings. It is understood that when a devotee has a divination performed for them that they are speaking primarily with their own Ori and Olorun through the orisha that may be speaking to them, such as Orunmila or Elegba.

Divinations are not psychic interpretations but instead conversations based on patakis or stories of the orisha. Divinations provide pieces of information that informs an individual on the energy pattern in which they are involved in and includes what they should or should not do in order to maintain a good situation or at least better a bad one.

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