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About Alaje Fadesiye

Born in 1982 into a family of orisha devotees, Alaje Fadesiye was ordained into the priesthood of the Yoruba deity Yemoja on December 12, 1990. He has was born into a family of orisha worshippers, Asabi & Lalu Woye. He has studied the art and practice of orisha worship under the tutelage of his Father of Orisha, Ilari Oba (Willie Ramos), who continues to instruct Fadesiye throughout his priesthood and trains him on being a Head of Ceremonies for the next generation of orisha worshippers. Fadesiye is also a mentee of his Ojugbona (the guide that one down their spiritual path), Olubanke (Jeffery Gonzalez), who instructs Fadesiye on the way of orisha and how to build the house of devotees that Yemoja brings to Ile Oro. Fadesiye serves the Orisha community primarily in Chicago, Venice Beach, Los Vegas, and New York. He functions as a father of orisha and officiates over Lukumi rituals and ceremonies as required by the communities he serves. Outside of the orisha community, Fadesiye is an active college professor and information technology professional, a life coach and humanitarian, and is a folklorist and lover of the arts and the world's cultures.

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